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Windows Next-Gen SASE Firewall with Identity Based VPN


Advancements in Cloud Access & Cloud Security finally culminate to create SASE. SASE is a new era of affordable cybersecurity available to everyone not just the Fortune 500. INSTANT SASE is Next-Gen Cyber Protection that comes to you. Download our INSTANT SASE Windows 10 Client and get immediate SASE protection. INSTANT SASE and INSTANT SASE WIFI allow Professionals and Home Office users to harness Fortune 500 protection at an affordable rock bottom price...

Proactive Ransomware Blocker

The bad guys are hard at work changing their tactics and are now targeting small businesses and professional users at home via their home internet. Attackers are targeting the home user space like never before and easily get access to game devices, web cameras and basic home internet devices. Once they have access to your devices on your home network they quickly move undetected to your Windows clients to steal your private and personal data. Like the Fortune 500 companies bitcee stops the bad guys in their tracks and allows you to proactively defend yourself with Next-Gen Cyber Protection.

Dark Web and Rouge Site Stopper

Fast and affordable Next-Gen Cyber Protection is finally available to everyone.  bitcee leverages a SASE Client architecture that delivers affordable Next-Gen Cyber Protection to you over the cloud. We believe that high-speed Next-Gen Cyber Protection should be available to everyone and not just Fortune 500 companies and their employees.  Through SASE, bitcee is able to provide affordable Next-Gen Cyber Protection to Professional and Home users regardless of where you are or how you work. We lock down and protect your Windows / Apple devices where your personal / private data lives as well as any personal, entertainment, home office or internet connected devices.



Private Internet / VPN Service 2.0

We deliver from the cloud affordable Next-Gen Cyber Protection to remote professionals and home users who require protection beyond the basic capabilities of Microsoft Windows and home cable/ WiFi router equipment.  A byproduct of  our SASE Client is Private VPN Service 2.0.  INSTANT SASE Clients communicate over the internet privately and anonymously using robust high speed government grade encryption. Private VPN Service 2.0 is included with the INSTANT SASE at no additional cost. Our Private VPN Service 2.0 is based on identity, which adds a another layer of robust protection to keep the bad guys out.



Windows10 Client | PLUG & PLAY SETUP | Small Office Home Office

INSTANT SASE for Windows10

Cyber Security that comes to you:             Get the industrial grade security used by Fortune 500 companies for your Windows 10 client. Wherever you go, keep the bad guys out!

INSTANT SASE for 35 Endpoints

Cyber Security for All Your Home Devices: Alexa & Google Smart Speakers, Digital Doorbells, Security Web Cameras, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, iPhone/iPad, Droid, Smart Appliances - any connected device.

Leverage software defined branch or sd-branch technology to take advantage of simple and fast deployments.  Secure Access Service Edge with Zero Trust Network Access, ZTNA, solutions that inter-operate with MFA Identity Access Management or IAM from Okta, Ping Identity, onelogin and Azure AD and ADFS services.    Not sure  you want to renew a license? email renew@bitcee.co for subscriptions, renewals, requirements, comparisons , models or migration.  Take advantage of software defined Secure Access Cloud. RADIUS and SAML integrations to support a range of third-party MFA methods, including one-time password tokens, certificates, and smart cards to support  Amazon AWS VPN deployments for Firewall Palo.  Need a price or need to renew a license? email renew@bitcee.co for pricing, subscriptions, renewals, requirements, comparisons, models or migration. zone fire is great for private network access vpn.  Many cloud based remote access vpn offerings rely on legacy ipsec gateway or router based solutions. An  enterprise vpn solution can be tricky and difficult to maintain and if often wrought with interoperability issues that lead to vendor to vendor finger pointing.  VPN dedicated services should be transparent and a set and forget implementation that provides your organization high reliability and exceptional performance.   Asking your InfoSeC team to monitor a dedicated vpn server can be onerous.  vpn for security should be touch-less and transparent and a key part of an organizations core infrastructure. VPNS are a key part of what make the internet secure but VPNS have not evolved like the rest of the security and lacks user friendliness and automation.  An evolution is Remote Access Security, which is a type of VPN in the cloud that uses SSL based encryption with XDR as added protection for the end point operating and file system. Conversely, business to business vpn is very different than user ssl based vpns.  This is where msp vpn may come into to play for your organization.  This provides a secure internet connection vpn and cloud delivered version like Zonefire serve as a legacy vpn replacement. For many enterprises this includes  vpns for wifi network that uses RADIUS for authentication.  This is very different than getting a vpn for home. ubscription comparisons , upgrades or requirements information.