Smart Home Cybersecurity w/ Threat Hunting

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$10.32 / Month - SASE Client w/ Next Gen Firewall + Identity Zero Trust

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Smart Home Cybersecurity with Threat Hunting:

We hunt the bad guys before they can get to you. You can Google ”virus” + any smart home device: TV, Speaker, Thermostat or Camera - these smart home devices continue to get breached while behind a home WiFi firewall and when using antivirus software like Symantec, McAfee, Avast, ESET, Bitdefender or Windows Defender. Threat actors just need a single entry point. Once they have access to your network they can steal your personal data or watch your every move and listen to your most private conversations.  AI assisted Cyber Threat Hunting more than levels the playing field. Get a Fortune 500 Security Detail for your home office network.




SAFE ZONE - AI Security Detail

We hunt threat actors and detect bad intention for all connected devices, internet applications and streaming services. Hackers have evolved and are now breaching Next-Gen Application Firewalls. Threat actors are now using deception over apps like Google Docs, Microsoft OneDrive and Office 365 to deliver malware that is then used to control your devices and ultimately steal, sell and hold your data ransom. Stay ahead of the bad guys, get a Fortune 500 Security Detail to protect your smart home and all your connected devices.

Proactive Ransomware Blocker

Advancements in Cloud Access & Cloud Security finally culminate to create SASE. SASE Client with real-time Intent-Based Cyber Security forces the bad guys to reveal malicous intent and keeps their malware off of your devices. Reduce the attack surface attackers use and prevent known threats while proactively identifying and blocking unknown threats.

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Real-time Dark Web / Rouge Site Stopper

Prevent your private and sensitive data from getting on the Dark Web. Enable safe use of the internet by preventing access to known and new malicious websites. We bring dark web and rouge site protection to you in real-time.

Advanced Threat Prevention

"Always On" protection from advanced threats by identifying and scanning all traffic – applications, users, and content – across all ports, protocols and bad intention. Fortune 500 grade Intrusion Protection System is enabled with intent-based cyber security to verify and safeguard your data and conencted devices at all times. Information regarding IPS is at NIST.




Private Internet with Zero Trust Protection

Don't give your IP Address and internet usage data away. ISP's and Internet Companies collect and mine your data to use to their advantage not yours. Get Private Internet when using the web. Leverage zero trust protection built on Secure Access Service Edge / SASE technology and intent-based network security that Fortune 500 companies use to protect their employees and corporate assets.

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Fortune 500 Cybersecurity | 7-Day Free Trial | Small Office Home Office

INSTANT SASE for Windows10

Cyber Threat Hunting on the go:             Leverage cybersecurity used by Fortune 500 companies. There's more to cybersecurity than just securing browser passwords & Web traffic. bitcee inspects, protects and hunts 24x7x365.

INSTANT SASE for 35 Endpoints

Cyber Threat Hunting for Connected Devices: Alexa & Google Smart Speakers, Smart Door Locks, Security Web Cameras, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, iPhone/iPad/Android, Smart Appliances, any connected device for the smart home.