Zonefire Secure Access Cloud

Zero Trust Firewall as a Service






$35 / Month - Palo Alto Networks +Cloud Managed WiFi 

Secure Cloud Enforcement

Zonefire Secure Access Cloud provides 1st hop enforcement across network boundaries using AES 256 encrypted segments with zero trust network access

Secure Cloud Visibility

Zonefire Secure Access Cloud allow zones to remain contiguous across network boundaries maintaining 1st hop visibility at branch and remote sites

Secure Cloud Analytics

Zonefire Secure Access Cloud provides deep Layer2 - Layer7 analytics to measure, monitor and alert on branch site traffic across any transit boundary

Secure Cloud vHub

Zonefire Virtual Hub drastically reduces your deployment and recurring costs for AWS VPC, Azure VNet / NSG , Cisco, Palo Alto, Fortinet & Checkpoint on-premise security services

Secure Cloud Edge

Edge policy is consistent with AWS VPC, Azure VNet / NSG  and On-Premises NGFW and includes with Zero Touch Provisioning for branch sites and remote workers

Secure Cloud WiFi

Zonefire provides Cloud Managed 802.11ac wireless networks for pervasive branch WiFi.  Leverage Identity Access Management for authorized users/devices

Cloud Economizer for AWS, Azure, Palo Alto, Check Point & Fortinet Security - Request a Demo

 Zonefire Economizes AWS VPC & Azure VNet Virtual Data Centers and Cisco, Palo Alto, Fortinet & Check Point on-premise NGFW Deployments

Enhanced Multi-Cloud Access, Centralized vWAN, Active Directory and Wireless Control with Zero Trust Network Access policy

Simplified operations with consistent security / network policy and Zero Touch Provisioning, ZTP

 Secure, Provision and Monitor Wired and Wireless Networking from the Cloud

Simple plug and play

Secure Remote Workforce

Secure Access Service Edge, SASE , Software Defined with Ping Identity, Okta & Onelogin

Cloud Delivered Network Security 

Secure Access Service Edge with Zero Trust Network Access / ZTNA + Cloud Managed WiFi

Start net-new or start with what you have. Utilize our vHub or your On-Premises Cisco, Palo Alto, Checkpoint NGFW devices

Eliminate Branch NGFW & SD-WAN Cost - keep gateway, peering, VPN, Direct Connect, Private Link and secure branch site functionality

Leverage a SASE model with a SW-Defined vHub and vCPE to protect and secure remote workers and branch sites

Automated protection for your business

Legacy Requires NGFW or SD-WAN Physical Devices 

$35 / Month 100 Users Per Site +Cloud Managed WiFi

Secure and scale remote branch offices

Request a Web Demo

Learn how a Secure Access Service Edge ( SASE ) architecture can unify security and network operations 

Zonefire Economizer +Cloud Managed WiFi drastically reduces Virtual Data Center, On-Premise and Cloud Delivered Security recurring costs 

Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud Access with Zero Trust Network Access ( ZTNA ) Alternative.  Zonefire Secure Access Cloud  based on a Secure Access Service Edge model that SW replicates onsite NGFW / Firewall , SD-WAN  equipment or Palo Alto Networks Prisma.  Leverage Firewall as a Service or FWaaS, SASE, NGFW, SD-Branch or SD-WAN without compromise.   Secure Access Cloud incorporates the best of FWaaS, SASE, NGFW,  SD-Branch flexibility and SD-WAN path selection.  Need a price? email us at for license, pricing, features, subscription comparisons , upgrades, renewals or requirements information. 

Prisma Palo Alto is PANOS running in the cloud with the added intention of making Prisma Palo Alto a forced model requiring subscribers to purchase add-on subscriptions such as DNS or SD-WAN that otherwise is included by default by its competitors.   Secure Access Cloud with Zero Trust Network Access or  ZTNA that work with Identity Access Management or IAM from Okta, Ping Identity, onelogin and Azure AD and ADFS services.  Branches connect to a Secure Access Cloud without dedicated NGFW or SD-WAN devices at each site. SASE SW Defined vs Prisma Palo Alto Hub. Leverage SW Defined instead of legacy sd-wan hub.